About us

Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog. It warms my heart. Especially since I spend a lot of time here.

I’m Maéva. I’ve been a nail technician for several years. But I’ve always been passionate about the world of nail beauty. Even when I was 6-7 years old, I used to nag my big sister to do my nails in pink. As a teenager, I became interested in different techniques. I did my first gel nails quite young, even if it wasn’t necessarily to my mother’s taste…

In any case, I love discussing all the latest nail trends with those around me. I spend a lot of time telling my customers all my nail care secrets. So I thought, why not share my secrets more widely? And that’s how Beauté des Ongles was born!

See you soon in the articles for even more nail beauty secrets.

Here’s my Pinterest account. I don’t go there all the time, but I love this network to find inspiration ideas!


And a little picture of me so you can see what I can look like ^^

Photo de moi

Proust’s nail questionnaire

So that you can find out a little more about me, I’ve created a little questionnaire for myself, but only about nails (yes, that really is my supreme passion lol). Here are my answers, I hope you like the format.

  1. Favorite nail polish color: Pink, because that’s the color I used to ask my big sister to put on my nails when I was little.

  2. Most memorable manicure memory: Doing my first gel nails at a young age, even though my mother wasn’t entirely convinced.

  3. Nail trends I love: I’m always on the lookout for the latest trends and love to share them with those around me. Right now, I’m really into “flake” nails. Have you tried them yet?

  4. My nail care essential: Simple and effective… Castor oil. I’m always a stickler for the essentials in my manicure kit.

  5. My favorite nail art style: Lately, I’ve been turning more and more to more minimalist nail art. I find it brings out the details more.

  6. Favorite nail shape: I’m a big fan of the ballerina shape. How about you?

  7. Most useful nail care tip: Use a vegetable oil bath to keep your hands and nails looking their best.

  8. My ideal manicure moment: A relaxing moment when I can let my creativity run free while taking care of my nails.

  9. Influencer in the nail world I admire: I follow a lot of American influencers, I find they’re always one step ahead!

  10. My greatest nail art success: an astrology manicure based on my client’s zodiac sign, of which I’m still very proud!