Nail Accessories

Do you think you know all nail accessories? Personally, I’m discovering new ones all the time! The field of nail prosthetics is so vast. For me, there are a few essential basics to have at home to achieve the most beautiful manicures. Are you ready to discover them?

False Nail Tips

False nails tips

False nail tips remain a must-have in the manicure world for the application of false nails. All you have to do is apply glue and place the capsule in the middle of your nail. Remember to spread the glue evenly, so that the capsules last longer.

In any case, there’s one thing to bear in mind: you need to choose each capsule carefully according to the size of your nails. In particular, the width of your nails must be taken into account, so that the capsule blends in completely with your natural nail. This technique is still used in the world of nail art. If you don’t want to use glue for false nails, discover self-adhesive false nails.

The guillotine nail clipper

The guillotine nail clipper is an accessory that enables you to cut your false nail capsules efficiently and in a single stroke. It is used to shorten false nails once they have been applied. Be careful not to get the nail tip in your eye 😉. Nail art can be dangerous too. For those wondering where to keep their accessories, you can equip yourself with a special nail cabinet.

False nail glue

If you want to apply false nails in capsules, you ‘ll need false nail glue. Place a drop of false nail glue in the middle of the capsule, then place it in the middle of your nail. Hold it in place to make sure it adheres well to your natural nail.

UV nail gel and LED nail gel

Nail gels are essential accessories if you’re into false nails. In any case, I wouldn’t recommend using resin, as it’s not a very modern process. There are different gels to consider for successful gel nails:

  • Gel base ;
  • Construction freeze ;
  • Or finishing gel.

There are even ‘monophase’ gels that do all three at once. In any case, I recommend that you don’t forget the top coat if you want it to hold. Each gel has its own specific properties. You can also find transparent or colored gels to suit your needs. The most beautiful nails are yours!

UV nail gel

UV nail gel is of course used with a UV lamp or a CCFL lamp. UV gel is often the first gel with which we familiarize ourselves, before sometimes switching to LED gel, which is a little quicker to dry.

LED nail gel

For LED gel, use a LED lamp or a CCFL lamp. The latter works with both UV and LED gel. In general, LED gel dries faster than UV gel. Drying time is a real criterion to consider when making your choice. Thanks to it, you can create crazy nails in the shape you prefer. fa

Accessoires pour ongles

Accessories for cutting and filing

Nail file

Nail files are used to give nails a particular shape. The higher the grit, the softer the file. The lower the grit, the more abrasive the file. You won’t use the same type of file for natural nails as for false nails. Always file in the same direction on the nail tips.

Nail scissors

Again, nail scissors are a must-have in your manicure kit. I mean, everyone has to cut their nails at some point. Always take your time when trimming your nails, as this can strongly influence the shape of your nails.

Nail clippers

Nail clippers are basically used tocut toenails. But some prefer them to scissors, as they provide a cleaner cut. Even so, they can sometimes be less handy than scissors. In the end, it’s really a personal choice, I think!

Nail nippers

It is particularly suitable for thick toenails. It cuts straight nails to prevent ingrown toenails.

Cuticle accessories

Cuticle remover

The beauty of your nails also depends on the care you give your cuticles. Cuticles are the little skins around the natural nail that protect it from bacteria. But when they dry out, it’s best to get rid of them. A cuticle remover is a small plastic or wooden stick that loosens the skin around the nail. This facilitates nail growth and varnish application.

Emollient gel

To make cuticle removal easier, I recommend using an emollient gel. This helps soften cuticles, making it easier to push them back in. Choose a quality emollient gel to preserve the health and softness of your nails. The cuticle is a fragile part of the nail. Taking care of your nails is always a question of gentleness and patience. Your nail technician will have already told you.

Accessoires Ongles

Other accessories

The polisher

As the name suggests, a polisher is an accessory for polishing nails. By using repeated strokes on your nails with the polisher, you’ll enjoy particularly shiny nails. Polishing often takes place before applying nail polish, to remove the thin greasy layer on the nail. This allows the nail polish to grip better. Now your nails are ready for base coat application. Yes, nail enhancement is a real art. If you have an electric sander, this will also do the trick.

The nail brush

The nail brush keeps your nails clean in all circumstances. It’s particularly effective against stubborn dirt. Remember to soak the brush in soapy water before use for optimum results. We can talk about French Manucure or semi-permanent varnish, but if your nails aren’t clean, it won’t be very relevant…


Spreaders are mainly used to keep toes apart when applying polish. By keeping your toes apart, they allow you to apply your nail polish without the risk of getting it all over! Practical for pedicures.

Nail accessories : FAQ

How do I use nail scissors?

To use nail scissors properly, start at the outer edge of the nail. Cut along the natural slope of the nail, without getting too close to the skin. Take your time and avoid sudden movements. That’s all there is to it!

Why brush your nails?

Regular brushing of your nails keeps them clean and prevents the proliferation of bacteria. You’ll limit the build-up of residue in the grooves. Brushing your nails is also a good way to maintain their whiteness.

How do I push back cuticles?

To effectively push back cuticles, first apply an emollient gel to your nails to soften the cuticles. Then push back cuticles with a cuticle pusher. You’ll enjoy clear skin around your nails.

That’sit for the Nail Accessoriessection ! You’ll be all set for your next false nail or semi-permanent polish application. For me, it’s a priority to be clean from top to toe. Do you think I’ve forgotten any? I’ve tried to use as much as possible anyway. See you soon!

The essential nail supplies for the most beautiful nails: