Nail Care

If you want beautiful manicures, the first thing you need is healthy nails. Regular use of nail care products helps to keep your nails strong and shiny over time. Cosmetic treatments, grandmotherly recipes, best practices… I reveal all the nail care products you need to know for beautiful nails in all circumstances.

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1 – Moisturize your nails with a vegetable oil

The #1 tip for caring for your nails is to nourish them intensely. Like other parts of the body, nails need to be moisturized to be in good health. For me, the best way to do this is with a vegetable oil.

The first oil I’d recommend is castor oil. It strengthens nails and stimulates growth at the same time. It’s all to the good! What’s more, you can also use it on your skin and in your hair.

Other vegetable oils also havevery beneficial effects on nails: argan oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil… And if your nails are in really bad shape and you don’t have any oil to hand, you can use a lip balm as a stopgap. Yes, yes, I swear!

2 – Caring for cuticles with an emollient gel

To have beautiful nails, it’s also essential to treat your cuticles well. As a first step, I recommend applying an emollient gel or cuticle oil to the area around your nails to soften cuticles.

This will then enable you topush back your cuticles more easily using a suitable stick. You can take care of your cuticles if you want to leave more room on your nails or before applying polish.

3 – Protect your nails with an appropriate base coat

We don’t necessarily think about it, but nails are regularly subjected to stressful situations. Repeated nail polish application, use of harmful products, unfavorable weather conditions, use of household products…

That’s why it’s agood idea to protect your nails with an appropriatebase. Depending on your needs, you’ll find an appropriate base: nourishing, hardening, anti-tilt… It’s an easy little gesture that really makes a difference to the quality of your nails. I regularly use hardening varnish after my manicures, or a keratin nail serum to visibly strengthen them.

If you suffer from nail fungus, leave your nails alone for a while. Instead, apply a nail fungus polish.

4 – Improve your diet and use food supplements

Diet is another criterion for improving nail health. If your nails are brittle, it’s probably because you lack vitamin B or calcium. In this case, you should turn to foods that contain plenty of them.

For more vitamin B, turn to oilseeds, seeds and green vegetables. Dietary supplements rich in brewer’s yeast are also recognized for their enhanced action on nails.

For more calcium in your diet, opt for herbs, cheese or sardines. Yes, I know, it’s pretty eclectic, but at least you’re sure to find something you like.

Taking a nail supplement can also help you regain beautiful nails fairly quickly. What’s more, they often improve the health of your skin and hair too!

5 – Nail care: Opt for gentle filing

The way you cut or file your nails also affects their long-term health. For strong nails, I recommendusing a file rather than clippers. I also repeat one of the most important rules in manicure: always file in one direction! Otherwise, you can say hello to split nails.

Don’t file your nails too often. Once every 10 to 15 days is more than enough. The same goes for polishers: don’t overuse them, or you risk damaging the surface of your nails.

6 – Choose your varnish carefully

With apps like Yuka, we’re increasingly aware of the products that make up our cosmetics. And we’ve discovered that some varnishes really do go overboard with harmful substances.

So, if you want to preserve the long-term health of your nails, I advise you to choose nail polish brands that respect your hands. Here are just a few: Pivolea, Avril, Manucurist… Choose organic nail polishes with natural ingredients.

7 – Whiten nails with lemon

The use of certain nail polishes ends up yellowing the surface of the nails. And it’s not exactly easy on the eyes. That’s whyI’ve come up with a little tip if you want to whiten your nails: rub your nails with a quarter of a lemon. Or dip them directly in lemon juice.

It’s that easy! You can also apply baking sod adirectly to your nails with a toothbrush. White effect guaranteed! No more unsightly nails. Frankly, I say thank you to lemon!

8 – Making nail masks

When you have a little more time, you can also make masks for your nails. There are nail masks on the market, such as those by Peggy Sage, which I recommend.

Alternatively, you can create your own homemade mask: mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil with a few drops of lemon. Apply to your nails and leave for 5 minutes. Your nails will be visibly stronger.

Here are my best ideas for nail care. Taking care of your hands with a moisturizer or scrub is also essential for beautiful nails. I hope you’ll find the technique that’s right for you.